KORUS-AQ (HL 5200)
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KORUS-AQ -Osan AB - LaRC UC-12B taxing to its hangar at 1161

KORUS-AQ -Osan AB - LaRC UC-12B arrives at Osan AB

KORUS-AQ 04/23/16 Mission Daily Schedule

UPDATE: Osan AB: The NASA Langlet UC-12B arrived at Osan AB this afternoon.

END OF DAY REPORT 4/22:  Friday

Progress  AFRC DC-8

KORUS-AQ 04/22/16 Mission Daily Schedule

UDPDATE:  Hanseo King-Air (HKA) test flight cancelled due to fog. Trying to schedule a test flight for Sunday 4/23.

KORUS-AQ 04/21/16 Mission Daily Schedule

4/21: Thursday Progress
AFRC DC-8 has completed its Second Instrument Test Flght.  Aircraft in good shape.
Several issues with instruments (to be expected) and continuing to work to success. 

4/22:  Friday

0700 –1700 Aircraft access

Airborne Expedition Tackles Global Air Quality Problem

Next week NASA and the Republic of Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) embark on the collaborative Korea United States Air Quality study (KORUS-AQ). The KORUS-AQ field campaign will combine observations from aircraft, satellites, ships and ground stations with air quality models to assess and monitor air quality across urban, rural and coastal areas.

Andrew Weinheimer and Denise D. Montzka

Edward Winstead and Luke Ziemba

Michelle Kim and Alex Tang


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