Creating Accounts

Accounts are not necessary to access most data in the archive, since most of the data is public. Logging in is only necessary to upload data or access mission-restricted data. Unlike older versions of the ESPO archive, logging in is now done using individual accounts: each individual person on the science team is expected to create his/her own account on the website, and those accounts should not be shared between team members.

Mission members should login with the account used for mission registration. Most mission members should not need to create a new account. If you cannot remember your account information, use the Request new password feature on the login page.

If you do need to create a new account, make sure to provide your standard work email address (i.e., the email address that ESPO is most likely to have on file for you). After you fill in your username and email address, the system will send you a confirmation email. This email contains a link that you must use to login to the website for the first time. This process ensures that the email address you provided is correct.

Note, however, that any newly created accounts will have no permissions. In order to access mission-specific data, you must be listed as a mission participant. If you are associated with an instrument, the team's Principal Investigator can add you to the mission via the instrument team webpage. Otherwise, you will need to contact a member of the mission management team.

Members of Active Missions

If you are participating in a mission that is currently using the ESPO archive, several features will be made available to you once you have logged in:

  • Options specific to the mission should be added to the navigation menu (at the left-hand side of every webpage), in particular options to browse that mission's archive, and a help page with mission-specific information.
  • Two special tabs should be added to your user page (can be accessed anywhere using the "My Account" link visible near the top of all archive webpages):
    • The "Contact Info" tab displays your user profile -- based on information that you have previously provided to ESPO. If you wish to edit any of this information (or if you wish to add additional contact information), you can edit your profile through the "Edit" tab.
    • The "Archive" tab displays information specific to you about the data archive. In particular, it contains a list of files that you are able to submit to the archive, and ways to edit/add/delete that information. For more details on this page, see the Archive Configuration help page.

If these features are not visible after you login, see the Troubleshooting section.


  • Problem: you created an account, but when you login none of the mission-specific features are available.
    • The most likely reason for this problem is that you provided a different email address than the one ESPO has on record. To fix this problem, you will need to contact an ESPO team member.
  • Problem: you are prevented from creating an account because of an error message: "The e-mail address xxx is not valid."
    • You probably already have an account on the system, because accounts on this system are shared with the Airborne Science Operations Flight Request System (SOFRS). Specifically, the username you tried to use is probably the same as your SOFRS account, but the email address is different. Try simply logging into the system using your existing SOFRS username and password.
  • Problem: you never receive a confirmation email after creating the account.
    • This will happen if you provided an incorrect email address. It may also happen if your email's spam filter has hidden the email. Make sure that your email account will accept emails from