Uploading Files

Uploading Files

Only members of instrument teams associated with an archive mission are allowed to upload files to the archive. Before uploading any files for a given mission, the instrument team has to configure the file types that will be uploaded.

Archive Configuration

To submit any files to the archive, you must first tell the archive what files you are planning to submit. This is done at your personal archive configuration page. For each file you plan to submit you should provide:

  • File Code: The ICARTT-format file code to use for this file. This must be a string containing only letters, numbers, or dashes ("-"). No spaces or underscores("_") are allowed. An instrument's acronym makes a good file code. If an instrument has multiple associated archive files, the instrument acronym plus a word or two describing the specific file can be used. If a file code contains multiple words, use uppercase characters to distinguish the words (e.g., "CodeWithMultipleWords"). Dashes can also be used to separate words in cases where uppercase doesn't work (for example, when separating an instrument acronyms or other all-uppercase words).
  • File type: Whether the file is archive data or an image.
  • Platform: The aircraft or other platform to which the instrument is mounted.
  • Mission: Already filled in based on the currently-active mission.
  • PI: The surname of the principal investigator for this instrument
  • Instruments included in this file: Use the checkboxes to select which instrument(s)' data is included in this file.
  • Description: A brief description of the data contained in the file

If you need to add a new type of file, use the "Add New File Code" box to provide the file details. File types are grouped on the page according to the instrument team responsible for the files. Any member of the instrument team will be allowed to upload the files listed. If you need to add a file that is not related to your instrument team (or if you are part of a theory team that wishes to submit data to the archive), use the bottom section of the page, "Create new [Mission] team". By default, you will be the only member of the team (i.e., you will be the only person allowed to submit any associated files). However, other people can subsequently be added to the team as necessary.