TOTE/VOTE DC-8 files for 19960120

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MASP PI: Baumgardner
FS19960120.DC8R4Tue, Mar 10, 199824.71 KB
MS19960120.DC8R0Tue, Mar 10, 199854.93 KB
DIAL PI: Browell
PI: Gaines
D*19960120.PS (2 files)R0Tue, Jun 10, 1997180.58 KB
MTP PI: Gary
MP19960120.DC8R1Mon, Jul 1, 1996292.29 KB
PI: Heaps
Goddard Flight Support PI: Lait
FA19960120.DC8R0Fri, Feb 23, 199654.23 KB
PI: Legg
DF19960120.DC8R0Wed, Feb 21, 1996729.59 KB
DP19960120.DC8R0Wed, Feb 21, 1996897.23 KB
DW19960120.DC8R0Wed, Feb 21, 1996610.09 KB
Goddard Flight Support PI: Newman
XS19960120.DC8R0Fri, Feb 23, 199662.03 KB
FSSP PI: Pueschel
Goddard Flight Support PI: Schoeberl
BT19960120.DC8R0Wed, Mar 4, 1998193.84 KB
NOxyO3 PI: Weinheimer
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