SPADE ER-2 AC files

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AC19921116.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200836.54 KB
AC19921120.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200837.37 KB
AC19930430.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200810.29 KB
AC19930501.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200848.66 KB
AC19930503.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200848.49 KB
AC19930506.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200849.16 KB
AC19930511.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200847.5 KB
AC19930514.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200847.5 KB
AC19930518.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200849.16 KB
AC19931021.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200812.97 KB
AC19931022.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200846 KB
AC19931025.ER2R0Fri, Jun 13, 200848.49 KB
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