In Situ Measurements of Aerosol Microphysical Properties (AMP)


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Four instruments, a nucleation-mode aerosol size spectrometer (NMASS), an ultra-high sensitivity aerosol spectrometer (UHSAS), a laser aerosol spectrometer (LAS) and a cloud, aerosol, and precipitation spectrometer (CAPS) comprise the AMP package. The AMP payload provides particle size distributions with up to one-second time resolution for aerosol and cloud particles between 0.004 and 1550 µm in diameter. During ATom, the instruments will be used to investigate how particles in the remote atmosphere influence climate by examining the following topics: 1) the origin of small particles in the remote atmosphere and their growth to sizes where they can affect clouds; 2) the sources, characteristics, and distribution of soil dust particles; 3) the differences in cloud properties between the northern and southern hemispheres due to aerosol characteristics; and 4) the importance long-range transport from  human and natural sources on background aerosol properties.

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