Operation Ice Bridge
Ice Bridge
Operations IceBridge
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DC-8 Science flight #1 take-off Punta Arenas 2010

DC-8 Thule Greenland 2010 - Morning push back out of hangar 8

DC-8 Thule Greenland 2010 -Rotation speed

DC-8 Spring 2010 Thule Greenland- Morning Sunrise

DC-8 Spring 2010 Thule Greenland- morning roll-out into the sun

DC-8 Spring 2010 in Hangar 8 - Thule Greenland

DC-8 Spring 2010 - Peterman Glacier

DC-8 Spring 2010 - Arctic Ocean - Transit flight from Palmdale to Thule

Chilean Air Force C-130, Czech Republic A319, NASA DC-8 at Punta Arenas airport

DC-8 overflight of Punta Arenas, Chile airport


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