Operation Ice Bridge
Ice Bridge
Operations IceBridge
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Icebergs in the foreground & glaciers in the distant background. (Greenland)

One of the outlet glaciers along the NW coast. (Greenland)

Greenland Norwest Fjords. (Greenland)

HU-25 Falcon with the LVIS instrument on board.

The tail of the new addition to the NASA airborne fleet. The HU-25 Falcon carrying the LVIS instrument.

The P-3 heads for take off towards Thule AB as the HU-25 Falcon starts its campaign in Kangerlussuaq.

P-3 readies for take off for a science/transit flight to Thule (05/01).

One of the P-3 pallets ready to head to Thule.

P-3 Arrives from its final flight out of Kangerlussuaq, Greenland for this season.

P-3 does a calibration ramp pass on its final flight out of Kangerlussuaq (April 30).


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