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OIB - Gulfstream V - JSC 11/06/19 Science Report

Mission: Matusevich 01
Priority: High
This mission is designed to survey the lower Matusevich Glacier and its ice shelf, plus adjoining Lauritzen Bay and the Slava Ice Shelf, on a 10 km grid. We also fly a flux gate upstream of the area. In addition, we fly an ICESat-2 track as a tie line for the ice shelf grid, and we also refly the 2013 OIB centerline of the Matusevich Glacier and shelf, which can serve as an additional tie line since its lower portion is very straight. The companion Matusevich 02 mission improves the grid density to 5 km.

IceBridge - Gulfstream V - JSC 11/05/19 Science Report

Flight Report: 11/05/19
OUTLOOK FOR TOMORROW: Clear conditions persist in East Antarctica near where we conducted our science mission today. So we have multiple options to choose from for tomorrow. A sea ice mission looks possible towards the end of the week, which we are closely monitoring.
Mission: Cook-Ninnis 02        
Priority: High

OIB - Gulfstream V - JSC 11/04/19 Science Report

Flight Report: 11/04/19
OUTLOOK FOR TOMORROW: Weather again looks clear in the Cook-Ninnis area of East Antarctica where we have a bunch high priority science mission still needed to complete. A sea ice racetrack mission might be possible this weekend, weather permitting of course!
Mission: Matusevich-Cook IS-2         
Priority: High

OIB - Gulfstream V - JSC 11/03/19 Science Report

Flight Report: 11/03/19
OUTLOOK FOR TOMORROW: Some clouds are forecasted to move back into the Rennick glacier area tomorrow, so another Rennick land ice mission is not viable, however there are a few IS-2 and coastal land ice missions that are viable. There are still no areas/options for a sea ice mission for tomorrow.
Mission: Rennick 01   
Priority: High

OIB - Gulfstream V - JSC 11/01/19 Science Report

Flight Report: 11/01/19
OUTLOOK FOR TOMORROW: While we are waiting for conditions to clear in the Rennick and Cook areas of the Antarctic ice sheet, areas are clearing just to the east of where we have flown, and we have a few viable land ice options for tomorrow. The eastern Antarctic sea ice is still socked in, so that is not an option for tomorrow.
Mission: ASUMA Traverse
Priority: Medium

OIB - Gulfstream V - JSC 10/30/19 Science Report

Flight Report: 10/30/19
OUTLOOK FOR TOMORROW: The forecasts tomorrow show bad weather and clouds in all areas of our East Antarctic science missions, thus we will take a hard down day. Weather looks more promising beginning Friday and we plan to fly then. All the team members have been ‘flat out like a lizard drinking’ (Aussie slang for ‘busy as a bee’) and we are all looking forward to a day off tomorrow.
Mission: Denman 01
Priority: High

OIB - Gulfstream V - JSC 10/29/19 Science Report

Flight Report: 10/29/19
OUTLOOK FOR TOMORROW: Weather appears to be worsening over the western portions of East Antarctica and we assume we will not be able to fly any of those missions tomorrow. Missions farthest to the east around Denman Glacier are the most viable options for tomorrow as of right now, but ‘she’ll be right’ (Aussie for ‘it’ll turn out ok’).
Mission: Casey
Priority: Medium

OIB - Gulfstream V - JSC 10/28/19 Science Report

Flight Report: 10/28/19
OUTLOOK FOR TOMORROW: Katabatic winds off the continent appear to be shifting farther to the west, creating what looks like clear conditions at Casey Station. As the forecast worsens for this area as the week progresses, we might fly the sea ice Casey Mission, which will help to supplement ground snow and ice measurements which will be made in the coming weeks by some members of the IS-2 team.
Mission: Moscow 02
Priority: High

OIB - Gulfstream V - JSC 10/27/19 Science Report

Flight Report: 10/27/19
OUTLOOK FOR TOMORROW: Conditions are clearing towards the east of Wilkes Land where we flew today, so there are a few options, 2 high priority land ice, and one medium priority sea ice mission over Casey Station which will likely be possible.
Mission: Holmes-Frost 02
Priority: High

OIB - Gulfstream V - JSC 10/25/19 Science Report

Flight Report: 10/25/19
OUTLOOK FOR TOMORROW: Tomorrow OIB will take a required crew rest day for the GV crew. We will continue to conduct science missions on Sunday. A few possible options already look promising with the current forecasts.
Mission: Holmes-Frost IS-2
Priority: High


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