Operation Ice Bridge
Ice Bridge
Operations IceBridge
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OIB - P-3 Orion - WFF 05/14/19 Science Report

Mission: Umanaq B (priority:high)

This mission is designed (along with Umanaq A) to refly the 2012 Umanaq coast-parallel grid with a pair of interlaced missions. This mission by itself reoccupies a grid spaced at 10 km near the coast, widening to 20 km upstream. The two flights together establish a grid at half this spacing. We also refly a pair of 2012 lines over the Disko Island ice cap, and another 2016 line over the Nuussuaq Peninsula. For 2019 we replace ICESat-1 line 0419 with ICESat-2 line A0719 (beam 1L), which is occupied by the spacecraft on 15 May 2019. 

OIB - P-3 Orion - WFF 05/13/19 Science Report

Mission: East-Central Bed Gap IS-2


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