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KORUS-AQ STM Meeting Rooms

Early Airborne Results Address South Korean Air Quality

For six weeks in the summer of 2016 scientists from the United States and the Republic of Korea intensively studied air pollution over the Korean peninsula. Their mission: to diagnose the complex causes of the country’s poor air quality and in so doing lay the groundwork for next-generation pollution monitoring from space that both nations plan to launch in the next few years.

KORUS-AQ 06/29/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Pencil in July 12th (after 12pm) & July 13th for showing up at AFRC Palmdale to collect your equipment arriving by sea. These dates are not 100% firm, we are still waiting for confirmation but I wanted to inform everyone ahead of the 4th of July weekend so that you have time to plan and make preliminary travel arrangements.

Lotte Tower - Seoul ROK

Lotte Tower - Seoul ROK

Seoul Pedestrian Traffic

Seoul Pedestrian Traffic

KORUS-AQ 06/14/16 Mission Daily Schedule

Transit home:
1100L / (0200Z)  Check out of Turumi Lodge
1200L / (0300Z)  Aircraft access
1330L / (0430Z)  Crew Brief
1500L / (0600Z)  Takeoff for 8.0 hr sortie to Anchorage (PANC)
0600L / (1400Z)  Arrive at PANC for refuel, customs, air crew change
0800L / (1600Z)  Approximate time for replacement air crew to arrive at PANC
0900L / (1700Z)  Takeoff for 5 hr sortie to Palmdale (KPMD)

KORUS-AQ 06/13/16 Mission Daily Schedule

MONDAY, June 13th:
0800 – 1600: Aircraft Access

11:00: OSAN AB INTEL tour. Meet in the 1187 hangar floor, from here we will go to Building 946, 3rd floor Conference room.  (This is only for those that have signed up, no late additions)
Air Shipment picked up by 1000
Double check your work areas, don't leave anything behind.
Throw away your trash.
Do a quick cleanup of your work areas.


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