STRAT Ground LO__ML files

  • Mission: STRAT (3/24/1995-12/19/1996; Mission Website)
  • Measurement Platform: Ground
  • File Code: LO__ML, Ground
  • Measurement PI: McDermid
  • Description: JPL LIDAR ozone obs@Mauna Loa
  • File Format: Archive (plain-text) data file in Ames format

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LO19951003__ML.LIDARR0Tue, Jul 2, 199696.7 KB
LO19951102__ML.LIDARR0Tue, Jul 2, 199679.04 KB
LO19960104__ML.LIDARR0Tue, Jul 2, 199662.98 KB
LO19960203__ML.LIDARR0Tue, Jul 2, 199686.53 KB
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