CRYSTAL-FACE ER-2 files for 20020728

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FP20020728.ER2R2Tue, Jun 22, 2004770.07 KB
MA20020728.ER2R2Tue, Jun 22, 20043 MB
MG20020728.ER2R2Tue, Jun 22, 20041.01 MB
MM20020728.ER2R2Tue, Jun 22, 2004923.84 KB
PI: Drdla
PR20020728.ER2R1Mon, Aug 12, 2002192.5 KB
CoSSIR PI: Evans
CS20020728__IWP.ER2R2Wed, Jun 2, 2004202.25 KB
EHAD PI: Halverson
DS20020728*.DROP (8 files)R0Thu, Jun 12, 20031.83 MB
JLH PI: Herman
CRS; EXRAD PI: Heymsfield_G
CR20020728*.GIF (23 files)R0Tue, Jan 14, 20032.15 MB
ED20020728*.GIF (23 files)R0Tue, Dec 17, 20022.03 MB
SSFR PI: Howard
IF20020728.ER2R2Fri, May 30, 2003360.88 KB
MTP PI: Mahoney
MP20020728.ER2R2Mon, Jul 12, 20041.48 MB
RAMS PI: Valero
VR20020728.ER2R2Thu, Jul 3, 200332.09 KB
CS20020728__TB.ER2R3Fri, Jun 13, 2003394.5 KB
PI: Yarbrough
NM20020728.ER2R0Mon, Jul 29, 20021.36 MB
NP20020728.ER2R0Mon, Jul 29, 20022.55 MB
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