Notice: Only ATom-1, ATom-2, and ATom-3 data has been completely made public. For ATom-4 partial data is publicly accessible – more data will be released as available.

ATom DC-8 NOAACIMS-ClNO2 files

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NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20170928_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018466.08 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171001_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018445.96 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171004_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018342.88 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171006_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018397.4 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171008_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018515.63 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171011_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018438.77 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171014_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018472.1 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171017_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018418.15 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171019_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018203.96 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171020_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018342.53 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171023_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018419.38 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171025_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018423.18 KB
NOAACIMS-ClNO2_DC8_20171027_R2.ictR2Thu, Dec 6, 2018290.48 KB
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