Welcome to the ESPO Data Archive

The Earth Science Project Office (ESPO) Data Archive contains measurements and related information pertaining to NASA aircraft field experiments. The archive has been collecting measurements since 1987, covering more than thirty missions, with a total of more than 20,000 data files and more than 20,000 images. The studies have concentrated on the
chemistry and physics of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere, and in most cases the missions were managed by ESPO.

The purpose of the ESPO Data Archives is to provide a way for investigators to exchange their measurements and model results with other experimental participants. The archives are initially used to share preliminary measurements, starting hours after a flight has been completed. The preliminary measurements are only available to other members of the science team for that experiment -- science team members must login to this site to view the data. However, once the data is finalized (typically one year after an experiment is complete), it is all made publicly available.

The archived data and image files all use a special naming convention. The data files also use special file formats, and those conventions are strictly enforced. Descriptions of the file naming convention and formats can be found in the File Names and File Formats pages.