KORUS-AQ 06/10/16 Mission Daily Schedule

FRIDAY, JUNE 10th: FLIGHT DAY (Last Science flight of KORUS-AQ!)

AFRC DC-8 (~8 hours)
0500:  Aircraft Access
0630:  Flight Brief
0730:  Doors Close
0800:  Take off

LaRC UC-12B: 1-2 Sorties
Hanseo King Air: 1-2 Sorties

Party details are as follow: (see attached pictures for location description)
Place: The Songtan International Community Center, the Multi-Purpose Wing (located outside the Morin gate). Go up the brick road!
Time: Doors Open at 6:30pm, ceremony starts sharply at 7pm. Please be punctual.
Attire: Casual. While not mandatory, it has been requested that we wear our KORUS-AQ shirts (wash them tonight if needed!)

Hands off all items by 1100 on 6/12, Sunday
Air Shipment picked up by 1000 on 6/13, Monday
Tuesday, 6/14- ESPO breaks down Bldg. 1187 (please come by to lend a hand)
Wednesday, 6/15- Air Shipment scheduled for delivery to PMD by 1200
Wednesday, 6/15 Sea Shipment Picked up 1200

7/9 Estimated Delivery of Sea Shipment to PMD
*As usual, sometimes shipping processing could be unpredictable, if you want a guaranteed date to pick up sea surface shipment, we recommend to plan on July 11th to give a day or two day buffer should delays occur. We’ll provide more detailed information regarding shipping in the days ahead.

Osan AB Intel Tour: For those of you that indicated interest and provided your information to Mike Delaney, the Intel tour has been rescheduled to 

REMINDER: You MUST turn in your 37-EK badge (Pass & Id Osan AB badge) to ESPO or drop them off at the Pass & registration  office. Please inform osan@espo.nasa.gov if you return it to Pass & Registration.

Saturday 11th & Sunday12th: Science team meetings. Details to follow tomorrow.