KORUS-AQ 05/08/16 Mission Daily Schedule

HARD-DOWN DAY (No Aircraft access) AFRC DC-8
No Fly Day - LaRC UC12_B
No Fly Day - HU King Air
Flight Planning Meeting: 0800 - 1000
Monday, May 9th:
NO FLY Day for all aircraft

Flight Planning Meeting: 0800 - 1000
Science Team meeting: 1615-1715

Reminder to Mission Mangers and Aircraft Science  – Upload Aircraft/Science flight reports onto the KORUS web site promptly after each flight.

OSAN AB will have an ongoing military exercise May 9 – May  14.  There is a possibly you may see people in HAZMAT suites carrying weapons and firing blanks.  NASA personnel are NOT a part of the exercise and to carry on as business as usual.  Carry your ESPO supplied NASA-KORUS badge to present it to anyone who may asks why you are not complying with the exercise.  

Thank you to those who have already done so but if you have not… :
VOLUNTEERS!! VOLUNTEERS!We are looking for a few good volunteers to present your work and the KORUS-AQ mission at the schools on base. Please email Emily Schaller (e.schaller@nserc.und.edu) if you would like to volunteer or have questions.
Here is all the information about the school visits.
***KORUS-AQ School Visits Osan Middle School on Monday at 10AM & 12:15PM***
Planning meeting Sunday at 8PM in Turumi Lodge Lobby

We are also looking for X_CHAT volunteers that during flight can interact with classrooms at Osan and around the world! Please contact Emily for the details.