KORUS-AQ 04/17/16 Mission Daily Schedule

PLAN FOR 4/17:  (escroll to the bottom for an update from Osan AB)
4/17:  Sunday
0700-1200 Lab access only

PLAN FOR 4/18:  Monday - Instrument Check Flight
0600-1030 Aircraft Access
1030 Flight Briefing –
All Flyers must be present or have representation
1145 DC-8 Doors Close
1200 Take off 
1515 Land
1530 – 1700  Limited Aircraft access

**The following individuals need Egress Training on Monday prior to flights per current records.**
Jack Dibb
Markus Mueller
Michael Agnew

*See Matt Berry for assistance!!*

4/19: Tuesday
0700-1700  Aircraft and Lab Access

4/20: Wednesday
AFRC Safety Stand Down Day – NO Aircraft Access

TOOL CONTROL = All Tools must be returned and signed off before each flight
INSPECTION = All Instruments must be secured and inspected before flight.
Weight/Balance = Any times removed or installed on the aircraft must be documented for weight and balance on the log sheet posted in the aircraft.

DC-8: 4/16
Instrument work continued throughout the day in preparation for Monday test flight.   
•  Lab meeting 1300 every day except Saturday and Sunday.

 LaRC B200: (by Taylor Thorson)
Good news. The overweight/ferry tank test flight went off without a hitch today. We are preparing to begin the ferry flight on Monday 4/18 to California. We are still planning on going the southern route and arriving in Korea on 24 April. 

The base has granted ration card privileges to all US citizens. ESPO will printout the necessary forms and distribute them upon your arrival. You must bring this form, together with your passport (or passports if you had your passport renewed during the  approval process) to the Pass & Registration Office (see UPON YOUR ARRIVAL below); with this number of Ration cards available it should be easy to accommodate everyone in our mission to purchase groceries at the base commissary.

Our sea surface shipment arrived, the cargo has been unloaded (except for DC-8 equipment).
We’ll be able to accommodate everyone in building 1187. The office space setup there is almost complete (see attached photo). Team seating assignments will be emailed in a few days (an email about this will soon follow up.)
The ISP run into some delays laying the fiber optic cable to our building, it is expected to be up and running by the end of this week.
Buildings 1161 office space setup is complete. This building will be utilized by both B200 aircraft, crews, and instrument teams.

Osan AB Security Services has sent a request up their chain of command to have the Pass & Registration Office open exclusively for KORUS-AQ personnel on April 26th in order to expedite the issuance of 37EK Base ID cards.
We have a lot of people to process that day, so we appreciate your patience. New arrivals will be broken up into smaller groups in order to minimize the wait. Details will be given that morning.

Remember to keep ESPO aware of your arrival: osan@espo.nasa.gov 
We will meet in the lobby of the Turumi Lodge at 0740 the morning after your arrival. ESPO will distribute some required documentation as appropriate and from here, we’ll take you to the pass and registration office to get your 37EK Osan ID card (and Ration Card authorization as needed.)
If planning to bring vehicles on base, bring the additional documentation: driver license, car registration, insurance information.

Personnel planning to bring their vehicles on base must bring the paperwork as indicated above.
It is highly recommended that for the first time, the vehicles be parked off-base (there is a parking garage within walking distance from the main gate). The driver may then enter the base via the Main Gate and bring the above documentation to the Pass & Registration office. A temporary 30-day pass will be issued at that time. Please refer to the information package for details about gates’ hours, etc.