Snow-filled crevasses, and windblown blue ice, just east of lower Scott Glacier

Lower Denman Glacier, as it empties into the Shackleton Ice Shelf

Screen capture of ATM's "SOXMap" navigation display, as we entered our sixth and final survey line, illustrating how today's elongated "racetrack" pattern combines six separate ATM T-6 swaths (in green) to form two much wider composite swaths, centered on

Texture of sea ice near the north end of today's lines

A wide lead, running roughly parallel to the Antarctic coastline, which separated shore-fast sea ice at right from the mobile ice pack at left

Finger rafting on the east side of Porpoise Bay

Exceptionally thick icebergs near Frost Glacier's terminus, whose freeboard ATM measured to be ~110 m, with ~80-m subaerial cliffs

Ice edge, and icebergs frozen in sea ice, on the east side of Porpoise Bay; we believe the blue ice areas corresponded to what is usually the lee side of the ice edge and icebergs, given the predominant katabatic winds in this area


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