Notice: Only ORACLES data prior to 1/1/2019 has been made public. Data collected after 1/1/2019 is currently only available to science team members.

ORACLES-1 P-3 Orion files for 20160902 APR3-L2ZV

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APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902080034_R0_KUsKAs.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 201778.81 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902081503_R0_KUsKAsWn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 2017178.72 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902084922_R0_KUsKAs.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 201797.57 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902090301_R0_KUsKAsWn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 2017156.41 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902094721_R0_KUsKAsWn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 2017454.63 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902100052_R0_KUsKAsWn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 2017519.86 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902114836_R0_KUsKAsWn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 2017387.6 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902120315_R0_KUsKAsWn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 2017296.94 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902121243_R0_KUsKAsWn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 2017333.65 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902121811_R0_Wn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 201718.99 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902125656_R0_KUsKAsWn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 2017281.27 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902130456_R0_KUsKAsWn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 2017297.59 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902131340_R0_KUsKAsWn.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 2017127.89 MB
APR3-L2ZV_P3_20160902132850_R0_KUsKAs.h5R0Thu, Jun 8, 201718.4 MB
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