Alpha Jet

H211 LLC Alpha Jet


The Alpha Jet is a modified tactical strike fighter developed by Dassault-Breguet and Dornier through a German-French NATO collaboration (DO-AJET). The aircraft is owned and operated by H211, LLC and is based at and operated from Moffett Field, CA under a Space Act Agreement with NASA Ames Research Center. The aircraft operates under an FAA Experimental Certificate of Airworthiness, has updated avionics as well as a payload management and control system. The primary payload compartments are re-purposed wing pod fuel tanks.



H211 LLC
Single Engine tactical strike fighter
2.5 hours (payload and weather dependent)
Onboard Operators: 
Max Altitude: 
Air Speed: 
550 knots
1,200 Nmi
Point(s) of Contact: 

Laura Iraci

Work: (650) 604-0129

Michael Craig

Work: (650) 604-6586
Mobile: (541) 399-2439
Fax: (650) 604-3625