P-3 Orion 04/24/17

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Flight Number: 
Science Flight #28-Geikie 01 (High Priority)
Payload Configuration: 
OIB Arctic
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
8 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:04/24/17 11:00 Z Finish:04/24/17 19:00 Z
Flight Time:8 hours
Log Number:17P006PI:Nathan Kurtz
Funding Source:Bruce Tagg - NASA - SMD - ESD Airborne Science Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS333.6
Total Used332
Total Remaining1.6
17P006 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
02/24/17Airworthiness Test FlightCheck11332.6
02/26/17Project Test Flight #1Check4.95.9327.7
02/27/17Project Test Flight #2Check38.9324.7
03/07/17Transit FlightTransit8.217.1316.5
03/09/17Science Flight #1 - North Pole TransectScience825.1308.5
03/10/17Science Flight #2 - Laxon LineScience8.533.6300
03/11/17 - 03/12/17Science Flight #3 - Chukchi West LineScience841.6292
03/12/17 - 03/13/17Science Flight #4 - North Beaufort Loop LineScience8.149.7283.9
03/14/17 - 03/15/17Science Flight #5 - East Beaufort Loop LineScience857.7275.9
03/20/17Science Flight #6 - Sea Ice South Basin Transect (to Thule)Science8.165.8267.8
03/22/17Science Flight #7 - North Flux 02Science7.973.7259.9
03/23/17Science Flight #8 - Zig Zag West LineScience7.981.6252
03/24/17Science Flight #9 - CryoVEx LineScience5.887.4246.2
03/27/17Science Flight #10 - Northwest Coastal A LineScience7.494.8238.8
03/28/17Science Flight #11 - North Central Cap 01 LineScience7.6102.4231.2
03/29/17Science Flight #12 - Ellesemere Island 01 LineScience7.6110223.6
03/30/17Science Flight #13 - Ellesemere South LineScience7.9117.9215.7
03/31/17Science Flight #14- Alexander-Petermann LineScience6.5124.4209.2
04/03/17Science Flight #15- Zachariae 79N Fram Straight and BGTL ENSB TransitScience7.4131.8201.8
04/05/17Science Flight #16 - Svalbard North Line (High Priority)Science7138.8194.8
04/06/17Science Flight #17- Svalbard South Mission (High Priority)Science8.5147.3186.3
04/07/17Science Flight #18- Combined Zig Zag East Mission and Transit ENSB to BGTLScience8.3155.6178
04/10/17Science Flight #19- North Central Gap 3Science7.8163.4170.2
04/11/17Science Flight #20- CryoVex 2 (High Priority)Science7.8171.2162.4
04/12/17Science Flight #21-Northwest Coastal CScience7.2178.4155.2
04/13/17Science Flight #22-North Glaciers 02 Prime (High Priority)Science8.2186.6147
04/14/17Science Flight #23-IceSat-2 North/CryoSat-2 SARInScience7193.6140
04/17/17Science Flight #24-Humboldt 01(High Priority)Science7.8201.4132.2
04/19/17Science Flight #25-Sea Ice - South Canada Basin (MediumPriority)Science7.8209.2124.4
04/20/17Transit Flight to KangerlussuaqTransit3212.2121.4
04/21/17Science Flight #26-Southeast CoastalScience8220.2113.4
04/22/17Science Flight #27-Helheim-KangerdScience7.8228105.6
04/24/17Science Flight #28-Geikie 01 (High Priority) Science823697.6
04/26/17Science Flight #29-Devon-Bylot (Medium Priority)Science7.9243.989.7
04/28/17Science Flight #30-Penny 01 (Medium Priority)Science6249.983.7
04/29/17Science Flight #31-Thomas - Jakobshavn 01Science8.4258.375.3
05/01/17Science Flight #32-Thomas - Jakobshavn-Eqip-StoreScience8.4266.766.9
05/02/17Science Flight #33-Thomas - ICESat-2 Central Science7.9274.659
05/03/17Science Flight #34-Thomas - Southwest Coastal AScience8.3282.950.7
05/05/17Science Flight #35-Helheim-Kangerdlugssuaq Gap B (High Priority)Science8.2291.142.5
05/06/17Science Flight #36-Helheim-K-EGIG-Summit Science8299.134.5
05/08/17Science Flight #37-Southeast Glaciers 01 (High Priority)Science8307.126.5
05/10/17Science Flight #38-Umanaq B (High Priority)Science8315.118.5
05/11/17Science Flight #39-ICESat-2 South (High Priority)Science8.1323.210.4
05/12/17Science Flight #40-Nuuk FjordsScience1.83258.6
05/13/17Transit Flight to Dover DE (to clear customs)Transit6.4331.42.2
05/13/17Transit Flight to Wallops Flight FacilityTransit0.63321.6

Flight Reports began being entered into this system as of 2012 flights. If there were flights flown under an earlier log number the flight reports are not available online.

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OIB - P-3 Orion 04/24/17 Science Report

Mission Summary: 

Mission: Geikie 01 (priority: high)

This mission is a repeat of 2010, 2011 and 2014 IceBridge missions. It includes reflights of the Daugard-Jensen, Vestfjord and Kong Christian IV glaciers, and the “X” pattern over the Geikie Plateau, all of which have pre-IceBridge altimetry from ATM. It also reflies the Eielson, De Reste Bugt, Sortebrae and Kronborg glaciers, first flown in 2010. Finally, the northern transit line across the ice sheet is a master grid line, which had not been flown prior to 2014.

A series of storms is forecast to move up the Davis Strait into southwestern Greenland, southern Baffin Island, and Baffin Bay this week.  The first of these storms was in the process of moving in when we departed Kangerlussuaq this morning.  As a result, almost all of southern Greenland and the southern 2/3 of the west coast were completely covered in low cloud this morning, a situation we expect to get worse as this week progresses.  The area of the east coast north of Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier was clear, however, and with light westerly winds forecast well into the afternoon was expected to stay that way today.  Since we expect the weather across southern Greenland and Baffin Island to remain poor until late this week, there was a strong possibility that today might be our last flight for the next few days.  So we selected this mission, knowing that we would not obtain much if any optical data west of the divide.  In the event, we were 100% successful over our primary science objectives east of the divide, and 100% unsuccessful west of the divide (except for the radars) - more or less as we expected.  We estimate our overall successful data return today at around 70%.  We will attempt to pick up the missed portions in the west in a later mop-up mission.

All instruments performed well, but the occasional instability of the ATM T6 (wide-scanner) data system, noted yesterday, persisted.  This caused very brief (<1 minute) outages on several occasions today.  We intend to reassemble portions of the data acquisition system (reseating boards and connectors) after today's flight in an attempt to prevent recurrences.

Data volumes:
Accumulation Radar: 1.4 Tb
ATM: 105 Gb
DMS: 98 Gb
FLIR: 16.0 Gb
KT19: 11 Mb
MCoRDS: 1.9 Tb
Narrow Swath ATM: 36 Gb
Snow Radar: 809 Gb

total data collection time: 7.7 hrs