P-3 Orion 04/23/13

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Flight Number: 
2013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1513
Payload Configuration: 
2013 Operation IceBridge Arctic
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
7.7 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:04/23/13 11:03 Z Finish:04/23/13 18:42 Z
Flight Time:7.7 hours
Log Number:13P001PI:Michael Studinger
Funding Source:Bruce Tagg - NASA - SMD - ESD Airborne Science Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:2013 Operation IceBridge Greenland Deployment- Thule sicence flight. No aircraft issues reported, sucessful data collection.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS255
Total Used211.6
Total Remaining43.4
13P001 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
03/14/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1447Check0.80.8254.2
03/14/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1449Check2.12.9252.1
03/15/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1448Check46.9248.1
03/18/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1450Transit7.914.8240.2
03/20/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1468Science6.321.1233.9
03/21/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1456Transit8.529.6225.4
03/22/13 - 03/23/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1474Science8.237.8217.2
03/23/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1470Science7.845.6209.4
03/24/13 - 03/25/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1469Science8.454201
03/26/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1475Transit8.662.6192.4
03/27/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1476Science7.970.5184.5
03/28/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1477Science3.373.8181.2
04/02/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1486Transit6.480.2174.8
04/04/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1484Science8.188.3166.7
04/05/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1489Science7.896.1158.9
04/06/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1487Science8104.1150.9
04/08/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1491Science7.5111.6143.4
04/09/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1493Science6.4118137
04/10/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1493Science6.6124.6130.4
04/11/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1495Science7.4132123
04/12/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1496Science6.2138.2116.8
04/15/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1502Science7.9146.1108.9
04/18/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1504Transit5.2151.3103.7
04/19/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1505Science7.4158.796.3
04/20/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1508Science6.8165.589.5
04/22/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1512Science7.8173.381.7
04/23/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1513Science7.718174
04/24/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1514Science818966
04/25/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1515Science7.5196.558.5
04/26/132013 Operation IceBridge Arctic #1516Science7.1203.651.4
05/02/132013 Operation IceBridge ArcticTransit7.5211.143.9
05/02/132013 Operation IceBridge ArcticTransit0.5211.643.4

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Related Science Report: 

OIB - P-3 Orion 04/23/13 Science Report

Mission Summary: 

F23 North-Central Gap 02


  • Low-altitude survey (1,500 ft AGL) along the North-Central Gap 02 mission profile.
  • ATM, snow and Ku-band radars, and DMS were operated on the survey lines.
  • Ramp pass at Thule Air Base at 1,500 ft AGL for ATM and radar calibration.
  • Satellite Tracks: none.
  • Repeat Mission: none.
Instrument Operated Data Volume Instrument Issues/Comments
ATM yes 60 GB None.
DMS yes 111 GB None. Collected 15,577 frames on primary system.
Snow Radar yes 327 GB None.
Ku-band Radar yes 327 GB None.
Accumulation Radar yes 158 GB None.
MCoRDS yes 680 GB Preamplifier failed. Started recording at 13:20 UTC.
KT-19 yes 5.9 MB None.

Mission Report (Michael Studinger, Mission Scientist)

This morning we faced a challenging decision which mission was best to fly. We have two more high-priority sea ice missions left. The Canada Basin South looked hopeless after studying several forecast models. We would have preferred to fly this mission, but the lack of recent satellite imagery over the target site together with the consistently poor forecast in different models was reason to decide not to fly this mission. The North Pole Transect mission is tied to a CryoSat-2 underflight and the satellite orbits were not suitable for today, and in addition to that an orbit maneuver is being performed today, which makes a precise underflight impossible.

After looking at the northern part of Greenland we decided that North-Central Gap 03 was the remaining high-priority mission with the best chance for success. This mission, along with the North Central Gap 01 and 02 missions, is primarily designed to fill a gap in altimetry and ice thickness coverage of the north-central portion of the ice sheet. In this flight, we also re-occupy the centerline of the Qeqertarsuap Glacier and we establish new centerlines of the Drachmann and Wordie glaciers on the east coast, and we refly portions of the northwest coast-parallel grid flown from 2010-2012. We skipped the southern Upernavik segment of the original flight plan, since we had flown this glacier already earlier on this deployment during the transit from Kangerlussuaq to Thule on April 18, 2013.

One of the preamplifiers of the MCoRDS system failed. Trouble shooting during the flight isolated the problem and we were lucky to have an entire spare preamplifier on the aircraft. At 13:20 UTC MCoRDS started recording data. 

The weather in the survey area was good. Light haze on the east coast did not pose any problems. We had to abort the last line at 50 miles before Thule because of low clouds and poor visibility.

Data collection started 12:06 UTC and ended at 18:07 UTC. We collected 6.0 hours of science data.


Today's flight plan in yellow.