P-3 Orion 04/08/18 - 04/09/18

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Flight Number: 
2018 OIB Arctic -Science #7
Payload Configuration: 
2018 OIB Arctic
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
8.3 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:04/08/18 18:28 Z Finish:04/09/18 02:43 Z
Flight Time:8.3 hours
Log Number:18P008PI:Nathan Kurtz
Funding Source:Bruce Tagg - NASA - SMD - ESD Airborne Science Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:Today's flight covered the Chukchi West line - a high priority sea ice mission.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS201.2
Total Used190.4
Total Remaining10.8
18P008 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
03/13/182018 OIB Arctic -Airworthiness Test FlightOther0.80.8200.4
03/14/182018 OIB Arctic -Project Test Flight - LaserOther2.63.4197.8
03/15/182018 OIB Arctic -Project Test Flight - RadarOther5.79.1192.1
03/18/182018 OIB Arctic -delta ATFOther0.89.9191.3
03/20/182018 OIB Arctic -Transit to ThuleTransit7.917.8183.4
03/22/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #1Science7.825.6175.6
04/03/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #2Science7.933.5167.7
04/04/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #3Science8.141.6159.6
04/05/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #4Science849.6151.6
04/06/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #5Science8.858.4142.8
04/07/18 - 04/08/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #6Science8.166.5134.7
04/08/18 - 04/09/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #7Science8.374.8126.4
04/14/18 - 04/15/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #8Science7.782.5118.7
04/16/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #9Science8.290.7110.5
04/18/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #10Science898.7102.5
04/19/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #11Science7.7106.494.8
04/20/182018 OIB Arctic -Transit to KangerTransit4.2110.690.6
04/21/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #12Science8.1118.782.5
04/22/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #13Science6.5125.276
04/23/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #14Science8.2133.467.8
04/25/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #15Science7.7141.160.1
04/26/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #16Science8.8149.951.3
04/27/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #17Science8157.943.3
04/29/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #18Science8.3166.235
04/30/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #19Science9.3175.525.7
05/01/182018 OIB Arctic -Science #20Science7.4182.918.3
05/03/182018 OIB Arctic -Return Transit Leg #1Transit6.4189.311.9
05/03/182018 OIB Arctic -Return Transit Leg #2Transit0.6189.911.3
05/03/182018 OIB Arctic -Return Transit Leg #3Transit0.5190.410.8

Flight Reports began being entered into this system as of 2012 flights. If there were flights flown under an earlier log number the flight reports are not available online.

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OIB - P-3 Orion 04/08/18 - 04/09/18 Science Report

Mission Summary: 

OIB completed the high priority Chukchi West mission. This mission was designed to sample sea ice as far west as we can reach with the P-3, across the International Date Line and north of Russia's Wrangel Island. In addition to Level-1 Requirements SI1 and SI2, it addresses sea ice level projected requirement SIP2d by extending sea ice baseline observations to the Chukchi Sea north of the Bering Strait. The mission was modified to fly over a buoy cluster and the now completed ICEX survey area. We passed over the buoy cluster at 20:12:23Z, and the ICEX camp at 20:21Z, both were seen in visually in DMS and CAMBOT.
The weather was much cloudier than models had shown, so much of the flight was flown at a lower altitude than usual. Flying at lower altitude allowed us to get under the clouds and collect good data over most of the survey line. All instruments performed well during the flight. The ice in the Chukchi Sea area was also highly variable containing many leads, floes of varying sizes, interesting deformation features, and striking visual features from algae and sediment.

Data Volumes
ATM T6: 94 Gb
ATM T7: 117 Gb
FLIR: 11 Gb
KT19: 10 Mb
DMS: 78.2 Gb
Snow radar: 1.08 Tb
MCoRDS: No data collected
Accumulation radar: No data collected
Data on: 1954
Data off: 0100