DC-8 10/12/12

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Flight Number: 
Payload Configuration: 
OIB Antarctic 2012
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
11.2 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:10/12/12 12:05 Z Finish:10/12/12 23:16 Z
Flight Time:11.2 hours
Log Number:138003PI:Michael Studinger
Funding Source:Bruce Tagg - NASA - SMD - ESD Airborne Science Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:Depart SCCI at 1205Z on flight to Thwaites Glacier. Perform calibration ramp pass to the SE and overfly targets at 1213Z at 1500 AGL. Climb to cruise altitudes of between FL310 & FL350. Descend to cross first science way point at 1557Z. Perform nine passes over glacier and overfly final way point at 1940Z. Climb to FL400 for transit to Punta Arenas.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS200
Total Used215.7
Total Remaining-15.7
138003 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
10/08/12 - 10/09/12130103Transit10.718.9181.1
10/13/12 - 10/14/12130106Science10.944.2155.8
10/16/12 - 10/17/12130108Science11.867.6132.4
10/19/12 - 10/20/12130110Science10.289.4110.6
10/23/12 - 10/24/12130112Science11.3111.988.1
10/28/12 - 10/29/12130115Science11.314654
11/01/12 - 11/02/12130116Science1215842
11/02/12 - 11/03/12130117Science10.6168.631.4
11/06/12 - 11/07/12130119Science9.418911
11/07/12 - 11/08/12130120Science11.5200.5-0.5
11/10/12 - 11/11/12130122Transit11.6215.4-15.4

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Related Science Report: 

OIB - DC-8 10/12/12 Science Report

Mission Summary: 

F01 Thwaites Glacier Grounding Line #2


  • Low-altitude survey (1,500 ft AGL) over Thwaites Glacier grounding line area. Completed all planned survey lines.
  • Collected additional high altitude data.
  • ATM, MCoRDS, snow and Ku-band radars, gravimeter, and DMS were operated on the survey lines.
  • Conducted one ramp pass (1,500 ft AGL) at Punta Arenas airport after takeoff for DMS, ATM, snow and Ku-band radar instrument calibration.
  • Satellite Tracks: none
  • Repeat Mission: none

Science Data Report Summary

Instrument Operated Data Volume Instrument Issues/Comments
ATM yes 37 GB None
DMS yes 96 GB None
Snow Radar yes 390 GB None
Ku-band Radar yes 390 GB None
MCoRDS yes 550 GB None
KT-19 yes 20 MB None
Gravimeter yes 1.0 GB None
DC-8 On-board Data yes 40 MB None

Mission Report (Michael Studinger, Mission Scientist)

We decided to take advantage of the unusually good conditions over the Thwaites Glacier area and chose Thwaites Glacier Grounding Line #2, which is a high priority mission in a high priority area. The AMPS model and satellite imagery where consistent with the forecast we got at the weather office at Punta Arenas airport and we were confident that this would be a successful day. The conditions where exactly what we had anticipated, with a strong offshore wind (25 – 30 kts) that provided slightly bumpy but cloud-free conditions in the survey area. Today’s mission and last year’s mission are both aligned with the UTIG AGASEA grid, and one of the lines (E05-W05) is co-located with one of the UTIG cross-flow lines to facilitate intercomparison of the OIB and UTIG measurements. Each of these two missions creates a grid with 5 km spacing offset from each other by 2.5 km, so that once both missions are flown the resulting grid will be spaced at 2.5 km. The data intended as input for ice sheet models. All instruments worked well and we collected 4 hours of science data. We also completed a ramp pass at Punta Arenas airport at 1,500 ft AGL after takeoff to ensure good data for DMS and ATM instrument calibration.

Time (UTC) Hours
Begin high altitude data collection
Begin low altitude data collection 15:46
End low altitude data collection 19:45 4.0
End high altitude data collection
Total 4.0

Trajectory of today’s science mission over Thwaites Glacier grounding line in yellow