DC-8 08/13/14

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Flight Number: 
Payload Configuration: 
ASCENDS 2014 instruments
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
0.8 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:08/13/14 19:59 Z Finish:08/13/14 20:48 Z
Flight Time:0.8 hours
Log Number:148004PI:James Abshire
Funding Source:Ken Jucks - NASA - SMD - ESD Upper Atmosphere Research Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:FR 148001 & 148006 CO2 & O2 Lidar Development Flights – Castle Airport Flight Unairworthy due to eng. 3 EGT failure during flight MFLL, CO2/O2 Sounder, LAS, AVOCET, Piccaro all operated with positive post flight performance reports except for GSFC O2 Sounder which has a computer issue. ARMAS flew as piggyback instrument under FR148006. None This was the Castle Airport route. Transited from Palmdale to just north of Bakersfield when engine #3 EGT indication failed. Return to Palmdale. Reattempt mission on 8/14.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS45
Total Used43.6
Total Remaining1.4
148004 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
08/22/14 - 08/23/14140304Science817.627.4
08/25/14 - 08/26/14140305Science10.528.116.9
08/28/14 - 08/29/14140306Science4.132.212.8

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