B200 - LARC 07/08/21

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Flight Number: 
Payload Configuration: 
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
2 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:07/08/21 11:15 Z Finish:07/08/21 13:15 Z
Flight Time:2 hours
Log Number:21B004PI:Edward Kim
Funding Source:Jared Entin - NASA - SMD - ESD Hydrology Program
Purpose of Flight:Science
Miles Flown:292 miles
Comments:Initial ICF in SLAP configuration; originated/terminated Shannon airport Ireland. Route of flight: EINN LUPOR 52.21/N10.66W LINRA 51.13N/10.33W LINRA 52.21N/10.66W LUPOR SHA EINN. EINN reported weather: 026BKN -BR 1021 HPA Initial climbout to 3,000 ft MSL; penetrated cloud base at ~2,300 ft MSL with some slight cloud moisture. Continued climb and broke out to VMC conditions on top at 4,000 ft MSL. Leveled at 4,200 ft MSL and maintained altitude until terminal environment on arrival to EINN. OAT in clouds: 2 degC +/- 1 deg; OAT on top of clouds 5 degC +/- 1; inversion at ~4,000 ft MSL. Winds aloft 8 kts from the south; 160 kts +/ 5 kts maintained until return transit legs, when ground speed increased to 190 kts for recording performance data. After level off, secured RADALT tablet bluetooths, and panel flightstream connect. Active SLAP transmit selected above 3,000 ft MSL and maintained in active through majority of flight profile. Nominal recovery at EINN.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS95.8
Total Used78.1
Total Remaining17.7
21B004 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
06/28/21SLAP Ferry #1Ferry4.84.8910
06/28/21SLAP Ferry #1Ferry59.8860
06/29/21SLAP Ferry #2Ferry3.313.182.70
07/11/21SLAP ferry #3/#4Ferry3.818.976.9620
07/11/21SLAP ferry #3/#4Science2.821.774.1540
07/15/21SLAP LIASE research flight #1Science3.425.170.7560
07/16/21SLAP LIASE research flight #2Science3.828.966.9530
07/17/21SLAP LIASE research flight #3Science3.432.363.5550
07/24/21SLAP LIASE research flight #4 & #5Science436.359.5540
07/24/21SLAP LIASE research flight #4 & #5Science440.355.5540
07/25/21SLAP LIASE research flight #6Science3.844.151.7530
07/27/21SLAP LIASE research flight #7Science3.847.947.9640
07/28/21SLAP LIASE research flight #8Science4.15243.8655
07/29/21SLAP LIASE research flight #9Science4.156.139.7678
08/06/21SLAP ferry #5/#6Transit2.95936.8412
08/06/21SLAP ferry #5/#6Transit3.262.233.6589
08/09/21SLAP ferry #7Ferry3.966.129.7799
08/10/21SLAP ferry #8/#9Ferry2.96926.8649
08/10/21SLAP ferry #8/#9Ferry3.772.723.1674
08/11/21SLAP ferry #10/#11Ferry2.875.520.3607
08/11/21SLAP ferry #10/#11Ferry2.678.117.7575

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B200 - LARC 07/08/21 Science Report

Mission Summary: 

Took off from Shannon, Ireland and flew west along the Shannon Estuary to verify instrument dynamic range and geolocation accuracy. Flight altitude was 4,500 to avoid clouds and potential precipitation.

Then proceeded to the vicinity of Met Éireann M3 buoy for water calibration of SLAP radiometer. Also verified scatterometer functionality during flight.


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