KORUS-AQ 06/12/16 Mission Daily Schedule

SUNDAY, June 12th:

0900: Meet ESPO in front of the Turumi Lodge to drop off your luggage. Remember that for all your personal luggage: ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL nor ALCOHOL BASED PRODUCTS. NO LITHIUM BATTERIES. NO FLAMMABLES NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. NOTHING that can be considered HazMat
Deviation from these rules almost guarantees that all of our shipment will be retained by customs. Don’t be the one! A good rule of thumb is if you can bring it as a carry on, it is ok.

1300 – 1400: Aircraft Access

MONDAY, June 13th:
0800 – 1600: Aircraft Access
Air Shipment picked up by 1000
OSAN AB INTEL tour (only for those that have signed up, no late additions): Meet in the 1187 hangar floor at 1100am,  from here we will go to Building 946, 3rd floor Conference room.  

ESPO breaks down Bldg. 1187 (please come by to lend a hand)

1100L / (0200Z)  Check out of Turumi Lodge
1230L / (0330Z)  Aircraft access
1330L / (0430Z)  Crew Brief
1500L / (0600Z)  Takeoff for 8.0 hr sortie to Anchorage (PANC)
0600L / (1400Z)  Arrive at PANC for refuel, customs, air crew change
0800L / (1600Z)  Approximate time for replacement air crew to arrive at PANC
0900L / (1700Z)  Takeoff for 5 hr sortie to Palmdale (KPMD)
1500L / (2200Z)  Arrival at KPMD

Sea Shipment Picked up 1200

Air Shipment scheduled for delivery to PMD by 1200 (PDT)

Estimated Delivery of Sea Shipment to PMD (anytime between July 9 - 24, will update/confirm you as soon as possible.).

REMINDER: Turn in your 37-EK badge (Pass & ID Osan AB badge) to ESPO or drop it off at the Pass & Registration office, please inform osan@espo.nasa.gov if you do the latter.