KORUS-AQ 05/06/16 Mission Daily Schedule

All Aircraft Access:
DC-8: 0800 – 1600
Hanseo King Air &  LaRC UC-12B: exact hours might vary.

0800 – 1000: Flight Planning Meeting
1615 – 1715: Science Team Meeting

Weekend Outlook:
Saturday: Flight day
Sunday: Hard down day
Monday: Flight day. Please make appropriate preparations, and let us know if there any issues that would prevent your readiness for the possibility.

Egress Training:
All new comers should coordinate with Matt Berry (matthew.j.berry@nasa.gov) and/or ESPO to schedule the egress training. Ideally it should happen the day before the flight or during flight days between 0500 and 0600. Please plan accordingly and proactively.

ESPO TurnOver:
All, I’ll be heading back to the US for a few weeks this coming Sunday. Kent Shiffer will be taking over the main ESPO lead. He’ll have the same local phone number (+82 10 6884-4363) as well as his US number: +1 650-336-3127. As usual please email us at osan@espo.nasa.gov

We’ll be having some USAF visitors (4) tomorrow between 10am-11am and then some in the afternoon. It will be a continuous thing, it is nothing formal and not an imposition on us by any measure, they just want to see what we do and chat a bit, feel free to wave us off if you are busy. 

Useful Osan AB phone numbers: Please check the following link for numbers commonly used.

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