Angle- and size-dependent characteristics of incoherent Raman and fluorescent...

Veselovskii, I., V. Griaznov, A. Kolgotin, and D. Whiteman (2002), Angle- and size-dependent characteristics of incoherent Raman and fluorescent scattering by microspheres. 2. Numerical simulation, Appl. Opt., 41, 5783-5791.

The results of numerical simulation of inelastic scattering by microspheres with the use of a dipole model are presented. The formulas that are derived speed up the computation, thereby permitting larger-sized microspheres to be studied. The angular scattering cross section and depolarization are calculated for a wide range of size parameters as well as for different orientations of incident wave polarization. Calculations performed with small incremental changes in size permit the influence of morphologydependent resonance ͑MDR͒ on the power and angular distribution of scattered radiation to be studied. TM and TE types of MDR produce enhanced scattering of the incident wave with vertical and horizontal polarization; the corresponding shape of the phase function becomes oscillatory. Special attention is paid to the simulation of backward scattering by water droplets, which is important for Raman lidar applications.

Research Program: 
Radiation Science Program (RSP)